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Jennifer Kuang

Jennifer Kuang

Jennifer Kuang

About Me

Hello, I’m Jennifer!

Hii, I’m Jennifer from the University of New South Wales. I’m a third-year student studying commerce (accounting major) and information system.

Why did I choose Joidea?

Joidea offers a unique project-based learning style that allows more interaction with reality and this is the key reason that attracts me to join Joidea Internship Program. I wish I could derive more practical insight outside the textbook and learn to cooperate with other related departments.

What have I learnt?

During the internship with help from the supervisor, I have a deeper understanding of what a product manager is. Also, I learned a more professional way to express the idea with the assistance of diagrams and how to coordinate with other departments.

Why would I like to recommend this program to my friends?

Project-based learning style​

Able to receive advice from senior​

Encourage and respect different ideas from individuals​

The projects and tasks that I have participated in:

  • Joidea – Academy x UNSWCSA
  • Joidea – Popsup (restaurant/ retail system)

Skills that have been improved through the internship program:

Thinking like a product manager​

How to create a logical diagram (e.g. flow chart)

Leadership ability

Effective communication skill

The days I spent with the team

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