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Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang

About Me

Hello, I’m Kevin!

My name is Shuonan Wang (Kevin). I am a master of Information technology student at the University of Sydney.

Why did I choose Joidea?

  • Learn real skills from industry training.
  • Accumulate practical IT experience.
  • Applied knowledge, skills and experience to the actual work environment

What have I learnt?

  • Mastery Laravel frameworks with its awesome features.
  • A deeper understanding of event tracking and data warehouse.
  • Interactive learning and practice of GitLab workflow and collaborative working environment.
  • Other Professional skills: PHP, MySql, Redis, Git and Data

Why would I like to recommend this program to my friends?

Opportunities to participate in real industry projects

The company culture is open and friendly.

Identified, clarified and confirmed professional direction as it relates to my academic studies and future career path

The projects and tasks that I have participated in:

  • Popsup: To develop a Restaurant QR Ordering system which provides SaaS
    solutions to restaurants, cafes and bars in Australia.
  • Print receipt format adjustment
  • OD modifier development
  • Pick up hour implementation
  • Inventory management implementation

Skills that have been improved through the internship program:

Problem solving​

Programming skill

Developed self-understanding, self-learning, communication as well as collaborative skills.

Backend and Database development and compatibility enhancement.

The days I spent with the team

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