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Stefan Gao

Stefan Gao

Stefan Gao

About Me

Hello, I’m Stefan!

I'm Shenghan (Stefan) Gao, a 1+ year of experience in front-end development, energetic and passionate student at the University of New South Wales studying Software Engineering. Aiming to use the knowledge to satisfy the requirement and to learn new skills and gain experience.

Why did I choose Joidea?

  • Joidea Group’s core business is to provides cutting-edge technology services including AI and IoT solutions and many aspects.
  • I really like the software products that Joidea’s Tech teams participated, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with a decent company.
  • At the same time, I have friends in the industry who tell me about the company’s respect for employees and how to create a good environment for innovation

What have I learnt?

I’m working at Joidea as a software engineer after the internship program. During the 3 months time,

  • I’ve learnt ReactJS and developing mobile apps.
  • I’ve gained experience through IT projects with the seniors.
  • Developing new components and pages that meet new requirements and business logic.
  • Demonstrate your awareness and developed your own solution to the potential issues of the product.
  • Develop self-understanding, self-learning, communicational as well as collaborative skills.

Why would I like to recommend this program to my friends?

The company tech teams with university or higher and the industry experience, is a high level of a professional team. Many are hard-working, professional and courteous

Opportunities to participate in real projectThe working culture at Joidea is very open and dynamic, I was working with a group of young talents and great team players

We have casual social drinks to engage with everyone, we enjoy a fair and caring working environment here.

The projects and tasks that I have participated in:

SHAREGO: Grouping and event making mobile application for both IOS and Android platform. Frontend using React Native based on Umi and Ant Design.

Skills that have been improved through the internship program:

My development skills and coding skills have greatly improved, especially in Mobile app development

The communication skill has improved a lot through the daily meeting and discussion

Established engineering methods to complex engineering problem solving.

The days I spent with the team

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